5 Promotional Giveaway Ideas for Golf Events

  • Jun 8, 2022

Golf events are excellent times to give away items that promote your brand. Whether you're looking to boost brand awareness or network with potential clients, you can excite attendees with free promotional merchandise. The giveaways also make it easy to remember your brand. Many golf promo items are available, so you can find products to help you stand out from your competitors.

Here are five ideas for golf tournament giveaways and tips on where to hand out these items.

1. Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are a classic garment option for golf players and a great example of golf tournament giveaway ideas. Polos are comfortable and often moisture-wicking, and they protect golfers from harmful UV rays while they spend long hours in the sun at tournaments.

You can add your company logo or name to the front or back of a polo shirt to make the perfect golf promo product. Then, when people wear the shirt after the tournament, they'll display your brand at no extra cost to you.

2. Umbrellas

Another example of golf tournament promotional items is umbrellas. If the golf tournament is held on a sunny day, visitors will be grateful for a sturdy umbrella to provide shade and protect them from intense rays. As they use your branded umbrella, they help advertise your company.

A high-quality umbrella is an excellent giveaway option. Choose a durable and attractive product that clients will want to use long after the event. Simply add your logo and choose your favorite color.


3. Cups

Cups are useful options for golf tournament giveaways since guests can use them during the event to stay hydrated. You can add your logo to various cup styles, including the following:

  • Tumblers: Tumblers are one of the more popular cup choices today. They're often made of insulated stainless steel, so they keep drinks hot or cold for long periods. You can select from many different colors and styles to create the perfect tumbler for your brand.
  • Cups with straws: You could also give away cups with lids and reusable plastic straws, which can help avoid spills. With so many bright colors to choose from, you can design a cup to match your company's style.
  • Coffee or travel mugs: Travel mugs are thoughtful items that allow clients to carry drinks with them no matter where they go. Add your brand logo or a related design to make it an ideal promotional item.

4. Camping Gear

Many attendees at a golf tournament are probably also interested in other outdoor activities like camping. Luckily, many pieces of camping gear make for excellent giveaway ideas. Some of them might also be helpful during the golf tournament.

Here are some camping gear ideas for your promotional giveaway:

  • Roll-up blankets: A soft and portable blanket is ideal for camping, picnicking, or any time spent outdoors. You can add a customized design for your company and hand these out at any golf tournament.
  • Flashlights: Flashlights are useful for camping and many other activities. Consider giving small flashlights to tournament attendees, and they'll remember your company the next time they need a little help seeing in the dark.
  • Water bottles: Water bottles are another great idea for your giveaway. You can help tournament visitors stay hydrated while also displaying your logo. Many water bottles are available in reusable, sustainable options, making them environmentally friendly choices.

5. Golfing Gear

Golf tournaments are the perfect opportunity to give out customized golf products. You can easily create custom golf items to display your company name or logo. Visitors will love how your giveaway reminds them of the fun they had at the tournament, making them more likely to remember your brand in the future.

Consider giving out these corporate golf tournament gifts:

  • Bags: Golf accessory bags are ideal for your promotional golf items. Most of them can carry golfing shoes, extra golf balls, and water bottles. You can easily add your logo or brand name to the front and pick from various colors and styles.
  • Golf towels: Many tournament visitors can use towels during the event. Small golf towels are helpful when players need to wipe their hands or clubs. You can easily customize towels with your logo or company name.
  • Golf tees: Golf tees are a classic, inexpensive gift option. They are available in many different colors, and you can add your organization's info to make them a promotional product.
  • Golf balls: These are another staple tournament item, perfect for promoting your brand. Golf balls with logos are a high-quality and thoughtful gift for visitors and can leave an impression on guests long after the tournament.

Places to Give out Items at Golf Tournaments

Golf events offer several different locations where you can hand out your golf promo products. Here are some of the best places to pass out your freebies:

  • By the check-in gates: As players and visitors arrive at the tournament, they usually have to walk past gates or a check-in table. See if you can set up a booth or table for your giveaway items near the entrance. As guests enter, they'll walk right past you and your items, and you'll be able to talk to everyone who arrives.
  • By refreshment tables: Most events are likely to have food and drink options. These spots are great for socializing or taking a break from the game. They're also a perfect spot for you to hand out branded golf gifts and speak with people about your services.
  • By parking areas: You could also set up a booth in any nearby parking lots. These spaces stay busy as visitors stream in and out of the tournament, making them an ideal area for offering promo products.

When you use creativity and positivity for your branded golf giveaways, you'll find success quickly.

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