Promotional Merchandise With Your Logo

  • Apr 8, 2021

Promotional merchandise featuring your logo and other brand-friendly graphics are some of the best marketing items you can employ to grow your company's presence. By giving out good promotional items to potential or current customers and clients, you can raise your brand's profile in their minds and draw in more business. At SourcePromo, we have over 400,000 products in stock to help you pick the perfect customizable promotional items for your marketing needs.

Find out more about some of the top promotional products available and why it's important to use them. You might also be interested in learning more about how we can help you and the benefits of working with us.

Top Promotional Products

If you're interested in adding corporate promotional items, you might want to know more about some of the options our clients regularly use to stand out from the competition. We regularly provide companies with personalized corporate merchandise, such as T-shirts, office supplies and drinkware. To give you a better sense of what we can offer you, take a moment to review some of our best promotional items below:


  • T-shirts: When you're trying to promote your company, custom T-shirts are excellent choices. When you add your logo or other branded imagery to a shirt, anyone wearing it becomes a walking billboard for your company. You can give them as gifts to your employees, pass them out at events to attendees or sell them at stores. We offer T-shirts in plenty of color and design choices to help you craft a shirt meeting your branding standards.
  • Polos: When you want a more professional but still comfortable look, custom polos are an excellent choice. They can be great as employee uniforms or as high-end gifts at an event. You can place your company name or logo on one side of the polo's chest area, helping you brand the polos tastefully.
  • Hats: Custom hats and caps are some of the most popular SourcePromo marketing items for businesses. Everyone needs a good hat in their life, and you can give it to them. You can find hats and caps in several styles, like trucker mesh hats, baseball caps, snapbacks, visors and beanies. Whatever your choice, you can easily place your logo on them in a stylish manner.
  • Custom YETI® drinkware: YETI® is one of the biggest names in the drinkware industry for a reason. They do an excellent job keeping drinks hot or cold, with coffee mugs, Ramblers®, bottles and tumblers being incredibly popular. When you style custom YETI® drinkware with branded colors and logos, they're some of the best marketing products around, as people will proudly use them in their daily lives.
  • Custom Tervis tumblers: Custom tumblers make great gifts and marketing promotional products, with custom Tervis® Tumblers being some of the best. Tervis® Tumblers come in several options, with some made of plastic and others made of a high quality, affordable stainless steel. You can add custom imagery and logos to them to market your business, gifting them to attendees at tradeshows and events.
  • Glassware: Custom glassware products are some of the most elegant and high-class promotional items you can provide to potential or loyal customers and clients. You can add stylish branded graphics to wine, pint, shot and whiskey glasses that recipients are sure to use and display at their homes for parties and personal use.
  • Office supplies: Some of the best personalized business products are office supplies. You can provide your staff and clients with branded mousepadsnotepadsbinderscalculators and business card holders bearing your logo and relevant branded imagery. As people go about their day, they'll be reminded of your company while they work.
  • Office gifts and awards: If you want to raise company morale, office gifts and awards are some of the best personalized corporate merchandise you can use. These awards can come in various shapes and materials with customized texts and graphics to recognize employees for excellence in the workplace. You can also give them to clients as gifts or have them at competitive events, like corporate golf tournaments, to award to the winners.
  • Writing supplies: People have to write all the time, making writing supplies some of the best promo items you can deliver. Ballpointhi-tech and rollerball pens are especially popular for their utility and appearance, with companies regularly giving them out to potential clients or customers. Highlighters and pencils are also popular items. You can outfit writing supplies with branded imagery and logos to raise your company's brand awareness.

Tote bags are the perfect gifts for those who want to reduce waste, as they can take the totes shopping at the grocery store.

Trending Gifts and Hot New Promotional Products

Along with some of the mainstays listed above, you might be interested in using some of the hottest items on the market right now. Take a moment to review some of these items to see if they work for your marketing strategy:


  • YETI® Ramblers®: YETI® Ramblers® are some of the most popular drinkware options available. These Ramblers can hold coffee and other drinks, keeping them hot or cold for long periods. Their high quality makes it likely people will use them all the time and see your logo throughout the day.
  • Tech items: Almost everyone loves a gadget they can use with their devices to improve the experience. Some of the most popular tech items include mobile device chargers, smartphone wallets, phone stands, webcam covers, stylus pens, screen cleaners and electronic organizer travel cases. You can add custom branded imagery and logos to all of these products to raise their promotional value.
  • Hi-tech pens: Hi-tech pens offer excellent writing performance and look incredibly stylish. Many of them come with the best in liquid ink technology and a top-quality ink flow system. We can also laser engrave or print text or images on the pens for branding purposes.
  • Food and beverage: Food and beverage products give you the chance to brand snacks and drinks with your logo or other brand-friendly images. After branding these products, they make for great gifts for employees, business partners or clients.
  • Tote bags: As people become more environmentally-conscious, products designed to cut down on waste are becoming a bigger focus of consumers. Tote bags are the perfect gifts for those who want to reduce waste, as they can take the totes shopping at the grocery store. Placing your logo and other branded graphics on these totes can help you market your company around town.


The Importance of Leaving a Lasting Impression With a Commercial Gift

When you give someone a commercial gift or promotional item, you show that you value them. Whether you're handing out totes at an event or sending personalized food and beverage gifts to a client, the gesture can go a long way to making people view your company in a positive light. Almost everyone loves free stuff, and a gift can be an excellent in-road to developing a deeper relationship with a potential or current client or customer.

Alongside promotional merchandise's ability to improve relationships, they can also keep your company on the minds of potential customers or clients long after you give the gift. For example, a potential customer may end up using your tumbler every day they go to work, seeing your logo every time they take a drink. This reminder can inspire them to go to your company when they need the type of product or service you offer.

Gifts can also inspire customer loyalty. When you give them a high-quality product, customers or clients are more likely to trust you with their business. Free personalized corporate merchandise can also inspire goodwill between your company and customers, leading them to purchase a product or service from you.

We serve promotional merchandise for commercial business events, corporate events, office supplies, tradeshows, giveaways, public events, and clothing for large public events

Who We Serve at SourcePromo

At SourcePromo, we're proud to serve clients in a variety industries. Since we serve so many industries, our SourcePromo promotional products can be used in various environments. For example, a company can give out free marketing promotional items at public events, while another organization might have promotional items to bring people to their booth at a trade show. With our huge inventory of products, we can serve any company needing printed promotional products.

Find out more about some of the top ways we serve various industries below:


  • Commercial business events: We regularly provide corporate promotional items to companies for commercial business events. Whether the event is a fundraiser or conference, we can provide your staff with branded apparel and your attendees with gifts they're sure to love.
  • Office supplies: Office supplies go great as gifts in swag bags, giving companies the chance to provide clients with branded pens, mousepads and business card holders. We also regularly provide companies with branded office supplies they can use in their workspace to personalize it and accent their office's overall aesthetic.
  • Tradeshows: If your company hosts tradeshows or takes part in them, we have an abundance of tradeshow products ready for you. We offer many lanyardsbuttonsdisplaysawards and giveaways to help you stand out at a tradeshow.
  • Public events: When you're hosting a public event, offering swag bags and other promotional items is a great way to help people remember your event and your company. We can provide you with all the company promotional items you could ever need to upgrade the experience of your event's attendees.
  • Giveaways: If your business offers giveaways to potential customers, we can help. We offer tons of apparel, drinkware, bag and other giveaway options that people will want to get their hands on.
  • Clothing for large public events and business events: When you take part in large public events and want your staff to stand out, we can outfit them with branded polos, t-shirts and other apparel. You can also hand these clothes out to attendees to raise your company's profile.

Benefits of SourcePromo Branded Promotional Products

Benefits of SourcePromo Branded Promotional Products

Alongside the many clients we serve and the applications clients can use our products for, we're also dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional service and product offerings. If you're looking for the best promotional products and a partner who puts your needs first, turn to SourcePromo.

Here are some of the benefits of relying on SourcePromo branded promotional products:


  • Extensive product offerings: With over 400,000 products available in tons of categories, we likely have what you need. You can browse our product categories, like apparel, office, tradeshow, drinkware, bags and writing products, to find the perfect promotional item. If you want to narrow your results, our advanced search tool can help.
  • In-depth customizability:  When you find a product you like, we have lots of tools for you to use to see how your logo and graphics look on the item. For example, you can utilize our virtual sample tool to add text, logos and shapes to a product to get an idea of how your branded graphics and imagery will appear. Additionally, you can turn to our creative design services for expert assistance while customizing a product.
  • High-quality products: Any promotional item you offer is a representation of your company, and we recognize the need to represent your company in the best way possible. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with durable, attractive products. We also partner with manufacturers that use environmentally-friendly materials to ensure our clients receive responsibly made products.
  • Free quotes and samples: We want you to be totally satisfied with your SourcePromo branded promotional products before we ship them to you. Due to this commitment, we're happy to provide our clients with free quotes and samples. With these free offerings, you can be as informed as possible before investing in our promotional markets.
  • One-stop shop: At SourcePromo, we're proud to offer more than just products, making us a one-stop shop for your promotional printing needs. We have design services to assist with product creation, such as graphic design, finished artwork and market and trend analysis. We can also assist with website creation to take your online presence to the next level. Finally, we handle all your product fulfillment and distribution requirements.


How to Receive SourcePromo Company Logo Items and Products

If you're interested in receiving our business promo items, we offer a simple ordering process to our customers. Once you reach out to us, we begin by gathering information from you about your marketing needs and researching the best solutions. You can design the graphics you want on the product with easy-to-use online tools. With these tools, you can quickly add a design or logo to a product before ordering it from our site.

Our in-house design team can also help with the design process, coming up with eye-catching imagery and text for you. After you agree with the design or create it yourself on our site, you can order the products in the quantity you need. For complex orders, we can also send you free samples to ensure the product meets your standards.

Once you've placed an order, our SourcePromo team will prepare the products. We're an approved distributor of both Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) and Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), as a result, we ensure our manufacturing partners fabricate products with quality materials. After the products are made, we ship them to you as fast as possible from one of our regional warehouse locations. We offer shipping and dropshipping customization to ensure you receive the product you need on the timeline you require.

Turn to SourcePromo for Your Promotional Merchandise Needs

Turn to SourcePromo for Your Promotional Merchandise Needs

With our in-depth order fulfillment process, we're ready to help you turn your vision into a reality. We offer a huge inventory of marketing promotional items for you to customize and use to build deeper relationships with clients. With our advanced search feature, you can find the exact product for your needs. We also offer several services, such as creative design and client website services.


If you're ready to take your company to the next level with advertising promotional products and merchandise, contact our team today to request an item or have any questions answered.

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