As a supplier of corrugated packaging material supplying the Proximo and Jose Cuervo Brands Sourcepak  has excelled in all these areas:

SourcePak uses virgin versus recycled  results in much greater package strength for stacking.  This is particular importance in the high humidity, temperatures which occur in the Indiana summer.

SourePak is willing to store inventory in nearby outside warehouses which gives the plant maximum flexibility in managing frequent schedule changes.

If quality problems do arise experienced service technicians are available in less in one day drive away to determine the root cause of the issue and take corrective action immediately.

To mitigate broad price increases being passed along to the customer SourcePak is innovative in changing printing methods reducing cost with no effect on print quality. A example of this is the changing of the 3 Olive packaging from pre print  to a direct print solution.

Having a supplier which is proactive in innovation sets SourcePak apart from the rest of its competition.  A most recent example is converting the H partition used on the Jose Cuervo 1.75 Authentic and Margarita to a Z partition resulting in a annual saving to Jose Cuervo of over $250,000.

In addition to these examples SourcPak not only has the ability to provide corrugate at a competitive cost for large production runs, but is also willing to provide packaging for small production run as for Brands such as Hangar One.

  • Proximo

As Senior Operations Manager, I look for quality, flexibility and customer service in a packaging component supplier. SourcePak excels in all. Overall plant thru-put efficiencies have increased by 7% with the addition of SourcePak shippers and partitions. High quality components assisted in this achievement. The high-speed PET line consistently averages 8,000 plus cases per shift since the plant switched to SourcePak dry components. Production spikes to 10,000 cases per shift as well, due to reduced case handling issues. SourcePak offers quick response time to immediate needs due to changes in production forecasts. Under 48 hours from request to delivery in some instances. Service technicians are within 2 hours of the plant to address any quality issues. Feedback from a recent visit and corrective actions were implemented within days and in place for our next production run.

  • Jeff
  • PDI

I wanted to say thank you for the jackets. They came out wonderful, I have received many compliments about them. You nailed the order and the timing and the service. Thank you!

  • Tom
  • Hannaford Supermarket

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent level of service that SourcePak provides us in regards to shippers and dividers over the past 2 years. The accuracy of getting what I order has been terrific. At times we require quick changes and the plant always comes through. In February, I had short ordered Marg Mix Lime Liter shippers and the plant was able to produce what we needed over the weekend with a skeleton crew despite blizzard conditions in Chicago and get them to us on Monday to complete our bottling run. Also, I’ve been very pleased with the trucking as very seldom do we get late trucks. Overall, I am so thankful for the leadership and customer service provided by Debbie Carew in servicing our needs.

  • Jason
  • Proximo